About me

I trained in London, first for a degree in Anatomy and Human Sciences and then in Osteopathy and Naturopathic medicine. Through my own personal experience and that of others around me I have always believed in natural methods of healing and found them very powerful.    

I love exploring nature, food and health from all aspects and never stop learning and being inspired.

I’ve worked with some amazing people in a world class yoga centre, gym, top teaching college in London, and in a family orientated functional neurology clinic in Devon. Everything I’ve learnt has been the foundation for my intuitive approach and I have developed a unique style which draws on a combination of cranial, visceral, functional and gentle manipulation techniques, combined according to each individuals needs.

To understand the body from an osteopathic and naturopathic point of view it is necessary to appreciate the intricate relationships of a multi-system organism that is much more than the sum of its parts!!

My practice is centred around the fact that the body has an innate drive towards repair and health.

I practice traditional osteopathy; the foundation of which is a holistic, whole body adjustment. This works not only to alleviate pain in musculoskeletal structures but also to restore and optimise the body’s natural ability to find health.

This functions to unwind and remove compensation patterns and release stress and tension. This has many effects and at different rates depending on the history, depth of compensation, congestion and toxicity. Treatment induces deep relaxation and a balancing of the nervous system that often has profound affects on the rest of the body systems, complimenting and enhancing detoxification.

Through the stresses, strains and trauma of life (whether they be physical, mental or chemical) this ability can become impaired. An osteopath will identify the resultant physical imbalances and strains, get to the bottom of where they’ve come from and restore the bodies ability to maintain itself in a state of health.  Naturopathy provides the tools to optimise this process through natural lifestyle and dietary supportive strategies.

Natural health coaching is often a critical part of a journey to long term wellness as we live in a world of unique chemical, physical  and mental challenges and demands. Coupled with access to so much contradictory, complicated and manipulated information about which diet and lifestyle is right! It is difficult to know how to make the best choices.

I will always endeavour to provide you the tools and information you need to feel confident on your journey to health!

Treatment a shared journey in which we discover what works best to help the body relax, re-align and channel its energy into keeping you well and comfortable.